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Pool and terrace

340 sqm water surface with different depths.

Learn to swim, practice swimming and compete – the pool has room for everyone.

Pure relaxation

A dream that gives rise to Mediterranean feelings. Absolute privacy is guaranteed, there are no curious looks from outside to fear.

A place one does not forget so fast!

Pool lounge

The covered Pool Lounge is open on two sides and offers a comfortable sitting area with a shady retreat. Large sliding windows either serve as wind protection or provide a light breeze when open. There is also plenty of room for a huge dining table and gas grill.

A jump to Palm Island

Four different water depths and a diving board invite you to splash around. The Palm Island is also connected to the “mainland” by a small bridge.

No wrangling over the deckchairs

There are enough comfortable and rollable deckchairs available to put you in the best position. Large sunshades provide shade. Enjoy the scent of roses, the air is full of aromas of Mediterranean spices.

On to the blue hour

Refreshment? At the counter of the outdoor bar all of them come together. The loudspeakers create the right atmosphere. If required, the music can be transmitted to the terrace or the pool lounge.